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Meet the long-awaited sequel of the famous game - MooMoo 2! Who could've thought that farming can be such intense thing to do? Fight for resources, battle against other players from different countries in this mind-blowing game io. You need to collect stones, food and wood in order to build your farm and create the weapon to ensure your own safety. Start playing right now! new features:

  • Inventory System
  • Shirts and other Merch
  • Chests where you can store items and resources so you dont lose them on death
  • Bosses
  • Events & Quests
  • More Players Per Server (Dont worry the map will be larger)
  • Spike Damage is now based on velocity (This fixes the pit trap spike problem)
  • More Weapons and Armor
  • New Animals and Improved AI
  • New Buildings, Turrets & Traps
  • Improved Graphics
  • Bigger Map with more Biomes
  • Place Objects anywhere and push them out from center if you build inside of another (easier to connect buildings)
  • More Challenge Icons (Currently MooMoo only has the skull for most kills)
  • More Tribe features like: Trading and Assigning Roles
  • Physics Blocks and Improved Collisions
  • TNT and other explosives
  • Improved Combat to prevent food spam scripts
  • Actual Anti bot scripts
  • Killable Nebula NPC
  • Texture Mod Support
  • Improved Animations
  • Account to track stats and buy skins

Only PC users

MooMoo 2 stream game play:

Screenshots MooMoo 2:

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